About Us

About Bridge Builders Alabama


Bridge Builders® Alabama is a two-year program that works with students from public, private, parochial, and home schools.

Our purpose is to help ordinary youth find their voice, experience their power and build positive relationships to do the extraordinary. Bridge Builders® Alabama is designed to promote communication, understanding and trust among these developing leaders. Community projects, discussions, adventure education and first-hand experiences with community leaders are the training tools.


Our Staff

  • Sara Perry

    We are excited to welcome Sara Perry as the new Program Director of Bridge Builders Alabama!  Sara comes to us with a degree from Montevallo University and has a long-time relationship with Bridge Builders.  She participated in the program as a student, and then served as a summer staff member for four years before becoming a staff trainer.  In May of 2018 she became the full-time Program Director and we are excited to have her wealth of knowledge and passion for the program on the team!
  • Anne Alan Jemison

    Executive Director

Our Mission


The mission of Bridge Builders® Alabama is to develop among high school students a group of future leaders who will lay aside individual, social, economic, and cultural differences and work for the benefit of all.


Board Members


2018 Officers:
Jenny Ives – Chair

Amelia Barnes – Vice Chair
Justin Clark – Treasurer
Ed Reifenberg – Member at Large
Larry McLemore – Member at Large

2017-2018 Board Members:

Toby Roth
Bethany Burger
Holly Carraway
Anita Carter
Cassandra Crosby
Tranum Fitzpatrick
Larry McLemore, Ph.D.
Carey Owens

Nicole Thompson, Ph.D.

Radney Ramsey

Judge Christy Edwards